With Us

This time of year, we celebrate the birth of a child who was like no other. It’s a time when we rejoice over a babe who was God in flesh. Yes, this child was different. He would be called, Emmanuel – God with us (Matthew 1:23).


Let me say it another way – God . . . WITH . . . us.

How amazing is it that God – the BIG Guy, who is ALL powerful, ALL knowing, and ALWAYS present would leave His throne in heaven to take on the form of man to come and dwell WITH us?

The period leading up to Jesus’ birth is called, The Dark Ages, because God had been silent for 400 years. He hadn’t spoken to His people in nearly half a millennium. Not a peep. Their souls were hungry. They probably didn’t even understand exactly why. They just knew they had an ache that needed healing. There were generations of children who would be born hearing the stories of God, but never hearing from God directly. Silence.

How about you, reader? Does your soul ache? Are you hungry for something, but aren’t sure what?

Imagine that first Christmas morning (okay, I know – it may have been evening – just stick with me), the rejoicing that must have been happening in all creation. Can you picture it? Birds chirping, animals frittering about, flowers in bloom, and angels singing in heaven. All were celebrating the birth of this child. They were celebrating that their longing was going to be fulfilled.

And there He is, the babe – with His cute little baby toes and fingers. They’re so tiny, yet still able to capture this selfie for us. It’s a scene that is so familiar, isn’t it? The manger, the animals, the wise men.

I can see the beaming smiles on the faces of Mary and Joseph. Gifts are scattered all around, all brought from people who did not know Him personally, but had awaited His birth and wanted to honor the King. All were witnesses of God WITH us.

Do you want to know my favorite part? It’s that God WITH us lead to God IN us.

The Jews got to walk and talk with Christ, but we have something even better! As followers of Christ, His Holy Spirit dwells IN us.

God coming to earth was great, but was only part of the plan. Jesus came to walk this earth to live mistake-free (sinless) life, to be followed by death for our mistakes (sins), so that we could experience God IN us by His Holy Spirit until we experience God WITH us for all eternity.

Let me see if I can shorten that . . .

God WITH us made the way for God IN us until we can experience God WITH us for ALL eternity.

May your souls rejoice as you consider this today!

Song Share: How Many Kings – by Downhere