Wait is a difficult word for me. It doesn’t matter if the situation is good or bad. I just can’t seem to stand it. When a problem arises in my life, I want God to hurry up and rescue me. I squirm under the pressure. If heavy enough, I feel a lack of oxygen – CAN’T BREATH! Ugh!

Woman waiting

Transversely, when I await something fun, I wiggle like a little child waiting to open presents. My family could probably count on one hand the amount of times that I have been able to wait until their actual birthday to give them their gift. I get so excited for them to receive their little token of affection, that it feels like I may burst if I wait! Afterward, I can feel regret – I wonder if I have lessened the enjoyment of  receiving the gift by giving it prematurely.

Waiting on God

While I’m far more patient than I used to be, it’s still an area where I need God’s trans-formative power. It is particularly difficult for me to wait on God. Anyone with me on this?

Sometimes, God reveals things to us – through His Word, through others, through a deep sensing (usually followed by confirmation from His Word). While He makes it known to us, we must wait until the time God brings it to pass. Ohhhh, the waiting.

When I am struggling in the “waiting,” I have to remind myself of God’s faithfulness – of His outstanding record of fulfilling His promises 100% of the time. I must remember that God has purpose in the waiting.

Purpose in David’s Waiting

David was anointed by Samuel in approximately 1063 BC (1 Samuel 16) as the next king over Israel. Can you imagine how he must have felt? He was just a boy who looked after his father’s sheep – a shepherd. Yet, Samuel, who anoints kings, has come to David’s house to pour the sacred oil over his head. David had been anointed, but would not take the throne until approximately 1056 BC (2 Samuel 2).

Yep, David had to wait. Not only wait, but struggle in the wait. He had to flee for his life – from Saul, who was jealous of him. He had to live in the outskirts of everything. He had to fight to find food. There was no comfortable place for him to call home. No place to rest his head. All while he waited. As if the waiting itself wasn’t hard enough on it’s own, he suffered physical discomforts.

Do you know what I find in his story? I find that everything that happened to him in those seven years was used by God to prepare him to lead a nation. He wasn’t ready at the time the sacred oil was poured over his head. God knew that. So, He took his life on a path of training – complete with all the pain that comes with it.

Don’t Shortcut the Process

There were multiple times David could have taken the shortcut to get what had been promised. He could have killed Saul. Twice, God lead Saul right to a place of vulnerability where David could have ended Saul’s life. His men told both times that God had surely brought Saul right into David’s hands for this reason.

Oh, be careful of the advice of well-meaning people. God never asks us to go against His standard to get what He has promised!

David knew this. Saul was the king. As such, he deserved respect and honor, even though the king was unjustly pursuing him.  David trusted that God would defend him. He waited for God’s timing and His plan to come about.

Action in the Waiting

While David was in the waiting, he did the right things by upholding God’s standards. He followed what God was telling him to do in those moments, rather than getting tunnel vision for what would come at a later time. He focused on the “here and now.” He surrendered himself to the training, knowing that it would provide the skills and experience he would need when God brought the time of His promise to pass.

What a great lesson for us.


Uphold God’s standards

Eagerly learn what God is teaching you

Trust and wait

Song Share: While I’m Waiting – John Waller