As I stare at my blank page this morning, thoughts circle through my mind about today’s writing prompt – intentional. Can I confess that I’m having to muster all the intention I can to not go back to bed? Ugh! Yet, doing so would essentially be ignoring the message God has been speaking to me.

When God speaks something to us, we do well to listen. Lately, he’s been speaking the word – intentional. So, I need to give attention to what He is trying to say.

Intention means to do deliberately. Purposefully. To act on what was intended. To calculate.

Have you ever seen a plant called, birds of paradise? I think they’re beautiful! The vibrant purple and orange-colored, bird-head-shaped blooms are breathtaking. I have wanted to get some since moving to Southern California a few years ago.

Birds of Paradise

A week ago, I visited my aunt’s house for a family gathering. As my eyes surveyed her beautiful self-maintained garden, I spotted the coveted plant. It grew amid other plants of various shapes, colors, and sizes. I remarked to her how beautiful they are and shared my desire to have some one day.

Last night, I hosted a family dinner. My aunt, one of the guests, had dug up a portion of her beautiful birds of paradise plant and brought them with her. I was so delighted. I got what I wished for. Well . . . almost.

The plant is in a bucket sitting on my patio. Left in that bucket, it will die. No water, no soil to nourish it. Nothing. If I expect to fully receive the blessing of this plant, I must do some work. I need to calculate the best place for planting. I must evaluate the amount of sun in different areas. It needs to be a placed where water from the sprinklers will be adequate. After choosing the right spot, a hole must be dug to just the right size. Finally, I will place the plant in the hole and fill in the extra dirt to cover the base.

All of that takes intention. It is not passive. If we want to receive the blessings of God, He requires us to act – to be intentional. To be obedient.

Well, that’s is for me readers. I hear a bucket of Birds of Paradise calling my name. How about you? What is it you need to get up and do today? Before you head off to see to it, enjoy today’s motivational song share.

Song Share: Move by Toby Mac