“This is it,” she thinks. “This is the moment I’m going to die.”

She’s tired. More tired than she’s ever been in her life. Every muscle aches from struggling to fight the current. It’s a fight she is beginning to lose. As she tries to rest her muscles for two seconds, she takes in water. Her muscles involuntarily jump into action despite her exhaustion. She chokes and gasps for air.

“HELLLLPPPPP!!!!” she screams. Back under the water she goes. In that moment, she realizes she can’t fight the current any longer. It’s useless.

Woman Floating - Surrender

She realizes what she must do. She relaxes her body and points her face to the sky. Her body raises to the surface and begins to float. In just moments, she begins to feel better, her heart rate slowing. Her muscles relaxing. Oh, the peace. The current now carries her.

As she rests in her surrendered state, the current leads her around a bend. It slows to a halt and places her at the landing of the most beautiful area she could ever imagine. In fact, it is beyond what she could imagine in her wildest dreams. Why had she fought it for so long?!

Why do WE fight it so long? Why do we fight God for so long? What is that makes surrender so difficult?

It’s tough, because we can’t see around that bend. We only see the shore right next to us – everything in front of us. So, we fight to get to the destination we have imagined. We forget (to our own detriment) that God is able to do FAR beyond what we can imagine.

Now, unto Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine . . . Ephesians 3:20 NIV

IMMEASURABLY MORE – isn’t that FABULOUS?! Go ahead. Try to measure what God can do. You can’t, because IT . . . IS . . . IMMEASURABLE! I know that it feels like surrender is the way to death, but I promise you that if you surrender to God and His will, there will be peace all the way to His desired destination for you, and it will be beyond your wildest dreams!

So, do it. Relax your muscles and point your face to the sky. Give in to whatever He is telling you today.

Song Share: Whatever You’re Doing, by Sanctus Real