freed, relased, set free

Hey, friends. What comes to mind when you hear the word release? It is today’s word prompt, meant to inspire free-writing for those who accept the challenge. To learn more about the group, click here

According to Merriam-Webster, release can be defined as “to set FREE from restraint, confinement, or servitude.”

Yesss – FREE – the word jumps right out at me. The Bible teaches us that through Christ, we have been released (set FREE) – from the law – from trying to be good enough. Free from the burden of rituals and rules.

That brings a question. Do we live as though we are free?

I’m not talking about free to do whatever we want. If we really understand the price Christ paid – the pain and suffering He endured – then we won’t take advantage of His gift and use it as an excuse to live however we want. On the contrary.

We will fully understand the freedom we have been given, and that we have been released from such things as rules and regulations. His gift of love will cause in us a response to His love that makes us want what He wants.

When I reflect on how much love He showed through sacrificing Himself, it changes me. It makes me want to do better because He loves me. I’m able to give myself to His molding and shaping of my attitudes and behaviors. I surrender to the sometimes-painful sacrifices I must make.

His act that released me enables me to release my wants and desires. I can lay down my life and the way that I want things to happen. For His purposes. His desires.

Once we reach this point, we are released into our worlds – our circles of influence – to reach others with the good news of the freedom from restraint, confinement, and servitude that could be theirs.

Oh, my friends. What a great message of hope we get to share. Forgiveness. Love. Eternal life with the Lover of our souls. So, go – you have been released. Who will you talk to today about the freedom they can have through Christ?

“Go and make disciples (followers of Christ) of all nations.” Matthew 28:19

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  1. This is powerful Carol! It’s easy to put the suffering Jesus went through at the back of or minds but so important to let it sink into our hearts and souls! Great post, Cindy from #fmf FB page

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