Stuck, no way out, rescuer, ruthI can picture her. Stuck — no way out. Fearing the worst and not knowing where to turn. Have you ever been there? Naomi sure had.

Ten years ago, she followed her husband to a land that was not their own in hopes of bettering their circumstances. Famine struck Israel, so they left, seeking providence in another place. Among other people.

While there, they made the best of it. Their sons found wives. Things seemed to be going well. Then BAM! She finds herself stuck. No way out. No more sons to help care for her in her old age. And these people were not her people.

What was she to do? She decided she would go back to her people. Perhaps God would provide for her there.

What she didn’t realize is that her provision would come through her daughter-in-law. Ruth, now a widow too, would vow to stick with Naomi. She would go back to Israel with her. As a result, a son was provided to Naomi through Ruth, to care for her in her old age.

God rescued her. He made a way for her to be no longer stuck.

Are you stuck? Have you left your people in hopes of bettering your situation only to find yourself caught up in something from which there seems to be no escape?

I have good news. God provided a way out for you. In fact, it’s through the same woman, Ruth. You see, when you follow Ruth’s descendants, you end up at Jesus of Nazareth. That’s right – Jesus.

So, your solution is the same as Naomi’s. Go back to God and His people. Allow Him to rescue you through His son, Jesus. He is most certainly IS our Rescuer!