Do you hate smudges? I know I do? I am constantly wiping my phone screen to remove dull, smeared splotches. My frustration isn’t limited to my cell phone. No, it can be induced by the microwave, computer screen, or any of our three stainless-steel appliances. Those smudges take away the beauty of the object. Am I right?

Don’t worry, I’m not overly obsessive (I think). I can handle a fingerprint or two. I just can’t stand it when it looks as though something has been constantly handled – layer upon layer of fingerprints. When use is frequent enough, you can no longer see the object behind the smudges – only the dull splotches.

Yet, as my thoughts reflect on God this morning, I find that for my personal life, I WANT smudges. In fact, I want to be smudged-up!

Smudges are evidence of God’s work in us.

Visible smudges mean something has been touched. The more smudges present, the more it has been gripped, poked, pushed, and – well, you get the idea. You see, “we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10). For a masterpiece to be molded – for it to be prepared for good works –  it must be touched – repeatedly. Each touch leaves its mark. Over time, the layers build, creating huge splotches.

The beauty is in the smudges, not the object on which they reside.

Is there anything more beautiful than God’s work in someone’s life? When I hear people’s stories and see where God has touched and molded their life, I pause in awe of His handiwork. It’s beauty that will last for eternity.

While I diligently wipe away fingerprints from my physical surroundings, I want every single smudge from God’s work in my life to be visible to others. I want layer upon layer until He is the only thing visible. His work. His touch.

Oh, Lord, I pray that they see You in me!

How about you? Want to get smudged-up?

Song Share: Let them See You in Me, by Colton Dixon