Why is probably one of the most asked questions. Many times, it’s followed by specific details like, “Why does God allow bad things to happen?” “Why couldn’t I be born taller, smarter, funnier” or whatever else we can imagine. Continue reading “WHY”


“This is it,” she thinks. “This is the moment I’m going to die.”

She’s tired. More tired than she’s ever been in her life. Every muscle aches from struggling to fight the current. It’s a fight she is beginning to lose. As she tries to rest her muscles for two seconds, she takes in water. Her muscles involuntarily jump into action despite her exhaustion. She chokes and gasps for air. Continue reading “Surrender”


As I stare at my blank page this morning, thoughts circle through my mind about today’s writing prompt – intentional. Can I confess that I’m having to muster all the intention I can to not go back to bed? Ugh! Yet, doing so would essentially be ignoring the message God has been speaking to me.

When God speaks something to us, we do well to listen. Continue reading “Intentional”


Wait is a difficult word for me. It doesn’t matter if the situation is good or bad. I just can’t seem to stand it. When a problem arises in my life, I want God to hurry up and rescue me. I squirm under the pressure. If heavy enough, I feel a lack of oxygen – CAN’T BREATH! Ugh! Continue reading “Wait”


I have always been attracted to unusual. The different. It seems there is this pattern my heart follows. I find something that amuses or interests me, I cherish it, then soak in the joy of it, only to lose interest when its popularity grows. Once everyone wants it, I’m so over it. Continue reading “Different”


My Five-Minute-Friday writing group sent out the prompt word for today. It’s familiar. It seems like the perfect follow up for the day after Thanksgiving. After all, familiar is what we want for holidays, right? We like traditions – all things familiar. No surprises – like discovering the oven isn’t working and the turkey is still frozen at dinner time. Ugh. Continue reading “Familiar”


Have you ever heard people say that church is just a crutch? It’s just another form of addiction? They believe that dependency on God is no different than dependency on chemicals or other substances. They choose to be addicted to drugs than God. At least, that is their justification. Continue reading “Need”