My Five-Minute-Friday writing group sent out the prompt word for today. It’s familiar. It seems like the perfect follow up for the day after Thanksgiving. After all, familiar is what we want for holidays, right? We like traditions – all things familiar. No surprises – like discovering the oven isn’t working and the turkey is still frozen at dinner time. Ugh. Continue reading “Familiar”

God’s Selfie as Creator

Hey friend! I’m glad you’re here. Pull up a chair. I’ve been rummaging through the photo box, where God has placed all His selfies. It’s called the Bible. I pulled out a couple that I want to share with you today. Both were taken during the first week of time. Well, time for humans, that is. For God is not bound in the constraints of time. He is from eternity past and will go on for eternity future. Continue reading “God’s Selfie as Creator”

God’s Selfie

As you scroll through your favorite social media, you won’t have to look far to see that people are obsessed with putting images of themselves online for everyone to see. This was unheard of twenty years ago, but with the technology of camera phones, this recent trend has caused the coining of the new term, selfie. Continue reading “God’s Selfie”


Have you ever heard people say that church is just a crutch? It’s just another form of addiction? They believe that dependency on God is no different than dependency on chemicals or other substances. They choose to be addicted to drugs than God. At least, that is their justification. Continue reading “Need”