Even If

Last night, I received a text from my oldest daughter, Brittany. She told me she was nervously excited about something. She had written her first blog, and she was getting ready to post it. I beamed with excitement for her! Continue reading “Even If”

How’s Your Steam?

One day last week, an old idiom came to mind, running out of steam.” I had never pondered the exact meaning of it. I realized I had been interpreting it a little short of the exact meaning. To me, it was simply something people say when feeling tired. When they can’t do anything else for that day. So, I equated it to another idiom, “running out of gas.” Continue reading “How’s Your Steam?”


Today, I’m taking on a new challenge within the Write-31-Days Challenge. It’s called Five-Minute-Fridays. A single word gets posted to the Facebook group every Friday. The challenge is to write for 5 minutes on that topic. I am short on time today, so . . . it seemed like a great option. Today’s word? Invite. My timer is set, so here we go! Continue reading “Invited”