What are You Wearing?

Put on, new self

As I headed into my day, I didn’t give much thought to what I would wear. I grabbed the usual jeans and t-shirt. They are my go-to, even for work. Yep, that’s the kind of girl I am. I don’t want to think about what I’m going to wear. I simply like throwing on items that I know fit and feel good. Comfortable. Typically, it’s my oldest clothes – the ones I’ve had to break in.
New clothes are stiff, right? They don’t move well. Rougher materials can even rub a sore spot on your skin. Ugh. Give me some broke-in cotton any day. How about you?
This morning I was reading chapter 3 of Colossians, where it talks about putting on our new self.
Put on the new self – hmmmm. I like that. When we believe in Christ, we are given a new outfit – one that’s styled after the image of God. So, what does God’s style look like?
As you move from verse 10 to verse 12, a list of God’s qualities is given.
The thing about putting on the new self, is that there’s a difference between throwing on your favorite clothes and putting on the new self. The original language for this passage embodies more than simply putting something on. It carries a tone of sinking-in to it.
Imagine stepping out of a warm shower on a cold winter day. You reach for a freshly dried towel – still warm. The soft fabric caresses you as the warmth from the dryer comforts you. In that moment, you breathe deeply and pause movement to fully experience its warm embrace around you.
That is sinking into it.
Go back to the list above. As you step into each new day, imagine putting on – sinking into – each item listed. Perhaps the reason we struggle throughout our day to keep this stuff on is we don’t really sink into. We don’t pause and allow it to envelope us fully. Maybe its a new fabric we haven’t tried before, and it’s just not as comfortable as our old habits. It’s okay. Keep putting it on. Keep sinking into it. Before you know it, it will be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever worn.

Song Share: More of You, by Colton Dixon


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friends, blessings

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