The Blessing of Friends

friends, blessings

I felt their questioning stares in the depths of my soul. “Stop looking at me,” is what I wanted to shout, but that would have been rude. My mom taught me better, and I couldn’t disappoint her. After all, she may have heard me as she lay in her casket a short distance away. So I kept silent, wishing I could fade into my surroundings. The floor. Walls. It didn’t matter. I just wanted to be invisible. Continue reading “The Blessing of Friends”

My Hug-able Teddy Bear

As a child, I was afraid of my dad. Why? Two reasons. He had a temper, and he drank. Not a good combination. I can still picture his face; his color changing from his normal white, ruddy complexion to bright red. Veins would bulge on his forehead as he screamed at his intended target, which could be anyone from my mom, brother, sister, to an opponent on the race track. Continue reading “My Hug-able Teddy Bear”

Spared from the Flames

Have you ever had one of those moments in life when you realize there is something bigger out there controlling everything? Some-ONE bigger? I was taught this concept from a very young age, but experienced it in a personal way when I was ten-years-old. God, in His wisdom and mercy, saved my sister and me from certain death the night our family home burned to the ground. We had planned to be home that night. Thankfully, God had other plans, at least for the two of us. Continue reading “Spared from the Flames”


Why is probably one of the most asked questions. Many times, it’s followed by specific details like, “Why does God allow bad things to happen?” “Why couldn’t I be born taller, smarter, funnier” or whatever else we can imagine. Continue reading “WHY”